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Experience The Perfect Pint!

Beer Line Wizard
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advanced cleaning

Advanced Beer Line Wizard technology ensures a thorough clean that is 80% more effective than traditional line cleaning methods. 

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waste reduction
PLUS increased profit

With the use of our Wizard 

technology, we can reduce your wastage by 75%, therefore increasing your potential profit. 

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specially developed 

Beer Line Wizard worked closely with Chemisphere UK to create a specially designed chemical line that provides the best possible clean every time. 

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Our team

Our customers choose Beer Line Wizard because they appreciate our personal service and our professionalism. Our team are constantly researching the latest products, services and  industry developments, ensuring your business stays one step ahead.

David Arnold, Beer Line Wizard Founder and CEO

David Arnold,
Founder and CEO

David has 35 years of experience in the hospitality industry, managing hotels and bars, as well as running his own inn and stock-taking business. After years of research and development, David founded Beer Line Wizard, revolutionising businesses with a new four- weekly automated beer line cleaning system. Today, David works closely with breweries and hospitality groups to help them reduce waste and maximise profits.

Louis Arnold Beer Line Wizard Operations Director

Louis Arnold,
Operations Director

Louis grew up in a pub and by the age of just six he could already pull the perfect pint, so it was only natural that his career path would lead to his role at Beer Line Wizard. Louis thrives in his people-focused role – acting as the first point of contact for all franchisees and ensuring every client can provide their customers with a top-quality taste experience

Jan Kristian, Beer Line Wizard Technical Specialist

Jan Kristian,
Technical Specialist

With almost two decades of experience in the beer line cleaning industry, Jan specialises in machine, software, and firmware development, with a strong focus on detail, design, and reliability. Jan ensures Beer Line Wizard remains at the forefront of technology, providing our clients with a system that guarantees precision accuracy in chemical dosing and cloud data tracing and tracking.

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