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Great beer deserves respect. That’s why we’re committed to helping you deliver the freshest tasting pint to your customers, all whilst reducing product wastage and maximizing profit. A family-run business with over 40 years of industry experience, Beer Line Wizard’s unique process of cleaning and maintaining lines, combined with our state-of-the-art Beer Mindr machines, guarantees the optimal condition of your beer at all times.

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Beer Line Wizard was established in 2016 by hospitality specialist, David Arnold. Back then, David already had an impressive 35 years of valuable industry experience under his belt – managing hotels and bars, as well as running his own inn plus a stock-taking business – all of which gave him an extensive understanding of the sector and a unique insight into how it could be improved.

His lightbulb moment came when analysing the records of his hospitality stock-taking business. By elongating the period between line cleaning, his clients could significantly reduce their wastage and therefore make considerable monetary savings. What followed were years of research and development, assessing the most advanced technology on the market to bring his vision of four-weekly automated beer line cleaning to life.

Our Story

Who is Beer Line Wizard?


Today, David heads up Beer Line Wizard with the help of Operations Director, Louis Arnold, and a dedicated team of experts. Together they service a wide range of clients including rugby clubs, award-winning bars, restaurants, and luxury hotels, and they support a host of successful franchisees in Edinburgh, Glasgow, and the Scottish Borders.

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The figures speak for themselves – by switching to four-weekly beer line cleaning, Beer Line Wizard can save customers an impressive 75% in reduced wastage. Understandably demand is high. So Beer Line Wizard is now proudly expanding and offering a variety of exciting new franchise opportunities in several locations across the UK. Want to be part of the magic of Beer Line Wizard? Get in touch.

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