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What We Do

Discover what makes Beer Line Wizard the future of your cellar

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BLW Advanced 
Cleaning machine

A fresh tasting beer, every time.

Customers expect consistency. That’s why our revolutionary line-cleaning machines guarantee the best clean every time – so your customers can enjoy the freshest tasting beer every time. Our advanced precision technology guarantees the accuracy of our chemical dilution and control of the water flow through your lines. We also provide detailed reports on volume and duration of each cleaning process completed at your venue. And for extra peace of mind, each of our highly trained techs carry their own individual machines and are continually monitored by a quality assurance team so you can have complete confidence in consistency.

Beer Line Wizard
Chemical Line

An unrivalled level of cleanliness


Following years of extensive research and development, Beer Line Wizard partnered with Chemisphere UK to develop a line of specialist chemicals to complement our advanced BeerMindr
technology. The results are an unrivalled level of cleanliness – essential for a truly fresh tasting beer.

Our unique system guarantees the optimal state of your beer at all times. Our venues and their happy customers have put it to the taste test and the quality of a Beer Line Wizard pint wins out every time.

Chemicals bottels.png
Beer Line Wizard Cleaning Machine
Chemical Line
Beer Mindr Machine


Providing the optimum conditions for your beer


The electromagnetic radio waves emitted from the BLW-4 unit vary through eight different frequencies, from 1.6kHz up to 6.8kHz. In order to facilitate greater yeast agglomeration action, the frequency is ramped, in discrete frequency shifts, over fixed time periods through the predetermined time period. Normally, each frequency harmonic is initiated by an initial spike of enhanced magnetic strength. These are ramped from a base frequency level, through a predetermined time period, in an eight-phase cycle. This cycle of radio/ultrasound pulses creates the optimum conditions to prevent cell clustering and is the vital element of the BLW-4 patent.

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